During my travels I fell in love with Morocco and the feeling that I got there.
It is diverse, free, chaotic, colourfull, imperfect, open-minded and real. Because of the lovely people, fairy-tale architecture and beautiful nature you get the feeling you stepped into an other world.

The Moroccan people have a strong mentality and a lot of creativity.
When I discovered their authentic stunning handmade-products, Feelzz was born!

The products we sell breath the Morrocan feeling and you can see the craft and the hard work that has been put in.


Our Products

Our collection has different items: rugs, cushions, poufs, blankets and variable accessories from breathtaking Morocco.

These products are all handmade and we select them personally or they are specially made for us. We always try to take the
most special and unique ones with us.

Nearly all of our products are vintage what makes them unique. They tell a story and you can only find them at Feelzz.
Take a look in our online shop or visit one of sales points.

Unique textiles

Like said, a lot of our products are vintage. But some
we design our own to complete the collection.
That’s how we stay innovative and on-trend.



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Because a lot of our products are one of a kind we
update our site daily so you won’t be dissapointed.

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